JobShopQuote MAC

Machining Cycle Time and Cost Estimating Software

JobShopQuote MAC is an extremely efficient and precise way of calculating Machining Cycle time and manufacturing Cost 


Machining Cost Estimation and Cycle Time Estimating Software

JobShopQuote MAC is Machine Shop and Machining Cost Estimation Software developed on Microsoft Excel® 2007 Platform.  The Software can be used to calculate Machining Cycle Time and Process Cost.  The Software can be used Excel 2007 and above versions running on windows platform.

It can effectively generate cost estimates for various machining operations and can save hours of tedious work. 

JobShopQuote MAC can be used by small to large manufacturing organisations to calculate machining cycle time and machining cost estimation.  

Cut Length Calculations provided for Operations covered by this software are 

Turning:- Facing, Grooving, Internal Turning, External Turning, Step Turning, Taper Turning, Profile Turning, Parting, Knurling, Drilling, Threading and Burnishing 

Milling:- End Milling, Face milling, Profile Milling, Boring, Circular Pocket and Circular Boss, Rectangular Pocket and Rectangular Boss 

Grinding:- Internal, External and Surface Grinding 

Drilling, Tapping, Reaming, Burnishing 

Sawing both Bandsaw and Hacksaw


Other operations can be added and can be categorised on cost based By Hour, By Weight, By Length, Per Peice and Per Batch basis.

Seeing is believing…  See JobShopQuotes videos and powerful features 

 Machining Cycle Time and Cost Estimation Software Screen Shot

JobShopQuote MAC Software Overview

Microsoft Excel® are registered trademark of Microsoft and a popular Office Suite used on Windows© and Mac© Operating systems

"Now I can Spend more time on Business Development as we can prepare estimates much faster." 

- Bhupender Singh, IND-

"Excellent Software almost equal to most of our Shop Floor Values.  Now we are confident on our estimation process."

- N. Rodrigues, IND-

"Worth the money spend now we can prepare estimate with ease."

- Paresh Shah, IND-

"Nothing Comes closer to this software; the cost to value propotion is excellent. Completely Happy with the purchase"

- John Goh, Singapore-

"Five Stars for the product we are extremely happy with it"

-P. Frow, South Africa

"Fits My requirement well, I am happy I brought this product "

-Ed Jackson, UK


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