JobShopQuote MAC

Machining Cycle Time and Cost Estimating Software

JobShopQuote MAC is an extremely efficient and precise way of calculating Machining Cycle time and manufacturing Cost 


Machining Estimation Software Features


Estimation Software JobShopQuote MAC is designed to have the fastest learning curve.

Any person with machining knowledge can use this software within a day.  We have also uploaded lots of Video to know on proper working with this software.

The output is stored in Excel format and conditional editing of some parameters are possible to see the final impact on the pricings.  Now your sales people can have an Excel sheet of the cost estimation and can actually see the cost impact on changes made to the editable parameters.  Also the Excel Output helps during negotiating with the Clients.

Conversation based flow enables the user to add appropiate values at the right time and counter check reduces errors during estimating.

See some of the features video demonstrations from below:

Markup Provision

Setupwise Estimation

Calculates Material cost based on Gross and net weight concepts

Calculate non machining and other costs using Hourly/Per Weight/Per Task

Calculates Fixed and Variable process cost

Operations Based Inputs

Conversional Flow Based Design

Working Envelope dimensions

Quick Edit final output 

Cut Length Calculator


"Now I can Spend more time on Business Development as we can prepare estimates much faster." 

- Bhupender Singh, IND-

"Excellent Software almost equal to most of our Shop Floor Values.  Now we are confident on our estimation process."

- N. Rodrigues, IND-

"Worth the money spend now we can prepare estimate with ease."

- Paresh Shah, IND-

"Nothing Comes closer to this software; the cost to value propotion is excellent. Completely Happy with the purchase"

- John Goh, Singapore-

"Five Stars for the product we are extremely happy with it"

-P. Frow, South Africa

"Fits My requirement well, I am happy I brought this product "

-Ed Jackson, UK


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