JobShopQuote MAC

Machining Cycle Time and Cost Estimating Software

JobShopQuote MAC is an extremely efficient and precise way of calculating Machining Cycle time and manufacturing Cost 


Download Free Version of JobShopQuote MAC

Currently the software is not for SALE only for Reviews.

This does not work on all Excel Platform and it requires lot of DLL files of Windows OS hence decided to launch it on a diffrent platform.

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Download 32-bit version for Excel 2007 and above

Download 64-bit version for Office 2010 and above

Read the "Read ME First.PDF" file first to proceed with installation.
"Now I can Spend more time on Business Development as we can prepare estimates much faster." 

- Bhupender Singh, IND-

"Excellent Software almost equal to most of our Shop Floor Values.  Now we are confident on our estimation process."

- N. Rodrigues, IND-

"Worth the money spend now we can prepare estimate with ease."

- Paresh Shah, IND-

"Nothing Comes closer to this software; the cost to value propotion is excellent. Completely Happy with the purchase"

- John Goh, Singapore-

"Five Stars for the product we are extremely happy with it"

-P. Frow, South Africa

"Fits My requirement well, I am happy I brought this product "

-Ed Jackson, UK


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