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JobShopQuotes MAC Machining Cost Estimation Software
EULA (End Users License Agreement)  “JobShopQuotes MAC” Machining Time and Cost Estimation Software Commercial Sales Rights governed by M/s. Life Line Software Solutions END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT YOU SHOULD CAREFULLY READ THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS This   End-User   License   Agreement   for   JobShopQuote   MAC   ("SOFTWARE   PRODUCT")   is   a   legal   agreement   between   you   (either   an   individual   or   an entity) and Life Line Software Solutions ("SELLER"). You   agree   that   your   use   of   the   SOFTWARE   PRODUCT   acknowledges   that   you   have   read   this   license,   understand   it,   and   agree   to   be   bound   by   its terms and conditions. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS LICENSE AGREEMENT, DO NOT INSTALL AND/OR USE THIS SOFTWARE. 1. LICENSE GRANT The   SOFTWARE   PRODUCT   is   licensed,   not   sold,   to   you   by   SELLER   for   use   only   under   the   terms   of   this   License,   and   SELLER   reserves   any   rights   not expressly granted to you. 1.1 LICENSE TYPES SELLER   provides   you   to   install   the   trial   version   of   the   SOFTWARE   PRODUCT   and   verify   that   the   SOFTWARE   PRODUCT   is   working   correctly   and   as expected   on   your   computer.      SELLER   grants   to   you   a   personal,   non-transferable   and   non-exclusive   right   to   use   the   copy   of   the   SOFTWARE   PRODUCT provided with this License. The SINGLE USER LICENSE authorizes you to use one copy of the version of this SOFTWARE PRODUCT on a single computer. 1.2 EVALUATION LICENSE ENTITLEMENT The   EVALUATION   LICENSE   ENTITLEMENT   only   applies   when   you   obtain   a   copy   of   the   SOFTWARE   PRODUCT   for   the   first   time.   You   may   use   the Evaluation   (Trial)   Version   of   the   SOFTWARE   PRODUCT   for   a   30-day   evaluation   period.   After   the   evaluation   period,   if   you   want   to   continue   to   use   the SOFTWARE PRODUCT you must purchase the required number Licenses from SELLER. 1.3 PREREQUESTIES OF USE OF SOFTWARE PRODUCT The SOFTWARE PRODUCT requires Windows Vista and above installed on the computer.   For Linux OS we are currently not supporting it. 2. ORDERING How to order the license you can find out on the JobShopQuotes web site 3. NO REFUND No   refund   is   given   at   any   time,   unless   authorized   by   the   SELLER   under   unexpected   circumstances.      The   SELLER   reserves   the   right   to   provide   refunds, or make any commercially reasonable efforts to solve any issues at his discretion.  Please contact the SELLER to see if you qualify for a refund. 4. DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY AND LIABILITY THIS   SOFTWARE   IS   PROVIDED   ON   AN   "AS   IS"   BASIS.   SELLER   DISCLAIMS   ALL   WARRANTIES   RELATING   TO   THIS   SOFTWARE,   WHETHER   EXPRESSED OR   IMPLIED,   INCLUDING   BUT   NOT   LIMITED   TO   ANY   IMPLIED   WARRANTIES   OF   MERCHANTABILITY   OR   FITNESS   FOR   A   PARTICULAR   PURPOSE. NEITHER   SELLER   NOR   ANYONE   ELSE   WHO   HAS   BEEN   INVOLVED   IN   THE   CREATION,   PRODUCTION,   OR   DELIVERY   OF   THIS   SOFTWARE   SHALL   BE LIABLE   FOR   ANY   INDIRECT,   CONSEQUENTIAL,   OR   INCIDENTAL   DAMAGES   ARISING   OUT   OF   THE   USE   OR   INABILITY   TO   USE   SUCH   SOFTWARE,   EVEN IF   SELLER   HAS   BEEN   ADVISED   OF   THE   POSSIBILITY   OF   SUCH   DAMAGES   OR   CLAIMS.   THE   PERSON   USING   THE   SOFTWARE   BEARS   ALL   RISK   AS   TO THE QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE OF THE SOFTWARE. 5. EXCEPTIONS No exceptions to any portion of this license agreement will be allowed without the express written permission of SELLER. 6. CHANGE AND UPGRADATION As   a   continues   process   of   improvement   the   software   is   expected   to   go   through   revisions   and   amendments,   any   major   changes   will   have   to   be updated via a upgradation fee which will be intimated at the time of release of upgrades. 7. Term and Termination This Agreement shall remain in effect until terminated by you or by SELLER SELLER may, in its sole discretion, at any time and for any or no reason, suspend or terminate this Agreement with or without prior notice. This   Agreement   will   terminate   immediately,   without   prior   notice   from   SELLER,   in   the   event   that   you   fail   to   comply   with   any   provision   of   this Agreement. You may also terminate this Agreement by deleting the Application and all copies from all your desktop. Upon termination of this Agreement, you shall cease all use of the Application and delete all copies of the Application from all your desktop. 8. Dispute Resolution and Binding Individual Arbitration. ANY   CLAIM,   DISPUTE,   OR   CONTROVERSY   (WHETHER   IN   CONTRACT,   TORT,   OR   OTHERWISE,   WHETHER   PREEXISTING,   PRESENT   OR   FUTURE,   AND INCLUDING   STATUTORY,   COMMON   LAW,   INTENTIONAL   TORT   AND   EQUITABLE   CLAIMS)   BETWEEN   YOU   AND   SELLER   arising   out   of   or   in   connection with   this   EULA,   or   the   breach,   termination   or   validity   thereof,   All   disputes   relating   to   this   End   User   License   Agreement   and   its   Terms   and   Conditions or claims arising therefrom will be subject exclusively to the jurisdiction of courts/forums/tribunals at Mumbai, India only. 9. Data Privacy A   User   needs   to   provide   vocational   information   in   order   to   use   the   software;   we   will   not   access   or   use   the   information   provided   by   you   except   as necessary   to   maintain   or   provide   the   Service,   or   to   improve   your   experience,   or   as   necessary   to   comply   with   the   law   or   a   binding   order   of   a governmental body. We will not disclose the information provided by you to any government or third party without your approvals. 10. Modifications This   EULA   may   be   modified   any   time   by   giving   electronic   notice   to   the   user.   The   subscribers   continued   use   of   the   service   shall   be   deemed   to   be   an acceptance of the modified terms of the EULA. If you have any questions about this Agreement or the Software, feel free to contact us at:
By downloading this software you agree to the below Terms and Conditions by default, by any reasons if you do not agree to any of the term below do not download the software We are Reworking on the Application for a Much Better and Faster interface… But you can download the current version here