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JobShopQuotes MAC Machining Cost Estimation Software
Machining Operations Covers time calculations of Turning: Facing, Face Grooving, Grooving, Parting, Internal Turning, Threading (Internal/External), Profile Turning (Internal/External), Turning (Internal/External), Taper Turning (Internal/External), Knurling, Burnishing Milling: Face Milling, End Milling, Slot, Profile, Pocket (Square/Round), Boss (Square/Round) Hole : Drilling, Boring, Reaming, Tapping, Burnishing Grinding : Surface, Circular (external/Internal) Sawing : Bandsaw, Hacksaw Planer : Shaping ,Planer All the above mentioned operations have in-built Cut Length Calculator (CLC) with minimum inputs you can calculate the Cutting and non cutting length and time, this allows you to estimate the right machining time consumed per operation and the final part.

Operations Covered with Cut Length Calculator